Investigating the use of apps

Rather than doing a survey, some of the primary schools decided to investigate with the students what were the most common apps that the class used and how might these apps relate to different curriculum areas. This raised questions for both the students and teachers of what constitutes learning in a subject area and what criteria might be generated to determine whether or not an app has educational value.

  • What are some of the common apps that you have on your electronic devices, and how might they be used for educational purposes?
  • In what ways might you be able to engage students in the type of curriculum mapping with resources within your classrooms?
  • What changes to curriculum areas can you potentially see from this discussion?
  • Are there other ways you might be able to use technology in the classroom to enhance and deepen learning?
  • What constitutes a ‘learning’ app?
  • What curriculum outcomes are students addressing by engaging in this type of work?

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