Identifying and dealing with issues

The issue of how to negotiate boundaries between home and school usage of digital technology was raised a number of times through out the research. The teachers in this clip discuss some of the problems they face when negotiating these boundaries and some potential ways forward, including areas of further investigation.

  • How much of what the teachers are discussing are problems or issues in your teaching contexts?
  • How much of the discussion is about prevention of problems rather than dealing with problems of digital technology use?
  • Perception of digital technology use is frequently raised (in this clip and others) as part of the issue. What are some of the common perceptions around technology use in your school? How accurate are these perceptions? What are some initiatives the school could implement to change some of these perceptions?
  • One of the ideas presented is that technology at school is for education and home it is for entertainment. Does this view or use of technology have merit?

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